Payroll Process Outsourcing in Mexico

We offer a 100% reliable service by employing the requisite time, personnel, knowledge, technology, security, auditing mechanisms, and legal adherence.


Successfully made under our own software, designed to manage your payroll specifically according to all Mexican labor laws, so you don’t have to worry about complicated procedures, risks, exposure or liability.

Our Service

We provide your HR department with precise final payroll reports so you can make the exact employee deposits, tax provisions, and tax payments or we can take charge of the entire process for you. 


Your Payroll Detailed:

These are some of the regular processes a Mexican payroll covers:


- Allowances, bonuses, commissions, and special payments processing.

- Annual reporting to IMSS of injuries / risk assessment.

- Christmas bonus processing.

- Comprehensive payroll and tax reporting.

- Custom reporting. 

- Expense reimbursements.

- Overtime pay and reporting.

- Private saving plan and employer match processing / administration.

- Process and provide the employees with the annual declaration of total compensation and income tax withholding.

- Process special employee deductions (Clothing, private insurance, tools, etc.)

- Process the registration of new employees with IMSS / SUA and the deactivation of employees with IMSS / SUA.

- Reporting available in Excel®, HTML, XPS, TXT, and PDF formats.

- Reporting / Processing of bi-monthly IMSS INFONAVIT / RCV tax obligations.

- Reporting / Processing of monthly IMSS employer tax obligations.

- Reporting / Processing of monthly ISPT / Employment Subsidy employee retentions.

- Reporting / Processing of monthly state payroll tax obligations.

- Shift, position, and department tracking / reporting.

- Tracking of attendance, sick days, and maternity leave.

- Transfer / Pay tax obligations.

- Transfer payroll to employee bank accounts.

- Vacation time and vacation bonus tracking / processing.

- Weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payroll frequency.


Reliable Software

Based on a 99.9% stability, extreme security and industrial performance provided by our IBM i-series server we offer one of the fastest, safest and most efficient payroll-process software on the market.


Renovated by a brand new graphic interface designed to make things easier, faster and nicer.

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Untangle your payroll with a straightforward service...


Since we operate with our own software, we are able to develop any custom process under specific requirements:​


To identify areas of opportunity which can be improved through automation.​

2.- Detection

We constantly analyze all procedures involved with your payroll process.​

1.- Analysis

Offering software solutions to free your HR department from manual procedures.​

3.- Optimization